Azreial is a Sexy Beast (oritasho) wrote,
Azreial is a Sexy Beast

Eyeshadow and tops (Download)

Tags: cc, clothing, download, eyeshadow, follower, makeup, males, sims 2, tank, tumblr

  • Male Brows 08: Download

    Posted a new set of Male eyebrows over on my Tumbler. You can Snag em'here:…

  • Male Brows 08: Download

    Another set of male brows, I have a few of these piled up, thought it was time to share, took me long enough too. Anyway, looks great on woman as…

  • Innocence Eyes: Download

    Whow, it's been a while, I guess that's what having a job can do to you. Anyway I thought I would buckle down and post something for this month. An…

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